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mRo GPS u-Blox Neo-M8N + HMC5983 Compass

Only available from the USA warehouse!

[Designed & Assembled in California by mRobotics]

Note: This GPS is not compatible with Solo. For mRobotics Awesome Solo GPS zap here.

Featuring the latest -difficult to get- Taoglas antenna for GPS + GLONASS, which provides a higher gain compared to any of its predecessors (from 1.5dBi to 5dBi) and using the legendary Honeywell HMC5983 that is no longer in production. The NEO-M8N module includes both integrated SAW and LNA Filters.

The mRo GPS NEO-M8N is a professional grade, notably robust GPS system capable of using USA (GPS), Russian (GLONASS) and European (Galileo) constellations at the same time. You can optionally enable the Chinese (Bai Du) constellation in exchange of disabling GLONASS (this might change in the future by incoming firmware updates).
This solution will provide you with an astonishingly accurate position and fast satellite acquisition. Our testings gave us an average HDOP of '0.6', which is considered ideal conditions.

uBlox helped us with the inspection of this board; we followed all its recommendations, plus, we added our own criteria to make sure we are providing you with a superb module.

The modules have the standard GPS 6-Pins JST-GH connector defined here.

The module also features an auxiliary i2c port for future expansion using JST-GH connector standard and a status -pink- LED.

You can read more about all its features on the official u-Blox web page here. Remember we are using NEO-M8N-01, 'Professional grade.'

Our Price: $84.90